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About me

Jinan Inc. Hair & beauty is not only a Salon to get your Beauty fix but it’s a comfort Zone with a friendly face. I have a passion for what I do; so the job is done with love. I am someone who can listen and understand what your needs, providing you with a professional outcome.

Hair is the greatest feature in how we are presented so why not have it looked after, that freshness will create a new you.

Aside from my home Salon, nowadays people are over loaded with work and have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to travel to the nearest hair dresser; but that’s where I come in, I bring my services to you adding the ability to be more comfortable in your own home….Having a mobile hairdresser is just the way to make your life a bit easier.


Hair is not only a factor for healthiness but it’s what reflects your identity. Having your hair neatly put together affects your self-esteem. Staring off with a bad hair day relates back to the bad day it will reflect on you. Hair brings out the beauty and femininity in you. It’s what makes you beautiful.